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Everything You Need to Automate Every Process and Control in Palm Oil Mills

Neural Network
Neural Network
Neural Networks are series of algorithms that captures the relationship between various underlying variables and processes the data as a human brain does
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
Machine Learning teaches a machine how to make inferences and decisions based on past experience

Today's business world is changing with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence

In order to modernize industrial aspects, making it more productive and efficient, while increasing business growth and value.

Several businesses have already adopted AI and IoT as part of their processes and products. The convergence of AI and IoT can redefine the way that industries, businesses, and economies function.

AI-enabled IoT creates intelligent machines that simulate smart behavior and supports data-driven decision-making with minimal or no human interference.

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Since the data delivered from the sensor can be analyzed with AI, businesses can make informed decisions.
How AI Works in Palm Oil Mill
Palm oil mills must adopt and equip themselves with the latest technologies and innovations
specifically for process control based on automation
AI in Palm Oil Mill
Steam Flow Rate and Totalizer
Water Flow Rate and Totalizer
Drum Water Level Indication
Furnace Draft Level
Outlet Draft Level
Dust Collector Status
Forced Draught Fan Air Flow Status
Safety Locking Status
Secondary Air Fan Damper Status
Forced Draught Fan Static Pressure Status
Dearator Tank Water Level
Fuel Feeding Fan Static Pressure Status
Induced Draught Fan Static Pressure Status
Air Compressor Status
Chemical Dosing Pump Status
Forced Draught Fan Vibration Level
Induced Draught Fan Vibratin Level
Fuel Feeding Fan Vibration Level
Inlet Water PH Level
Oxygen Level
Fuel Gate Status
Smoke Density Level
Pressure Level
Safety Valve Blow Time
Super-Heater Temperature Status
Super-Heater Control Valve Status
Furnace Temperature Level
Fuel Gas Temperature Level
Total Dissolve Solid Level
Induced Draught Fan Damper Status

EPCS Application can be used to record data and enable real monitoring of some aspects of the problems that have the potential to cause losses

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