Storage Tanks Controlling

Storage tanks controlling provided a fully automated control system for a state-of-the-art Tank Terminal.

Monitor systems worked closely with primarily provide a safe environment for the storage, transfer, decanting, and weighing of product, while at the same time ensuring an efficient operational site that could cope with the demands exacted upon it operating in the markets.

The fully automated control system allows the user to operate the entire Tank Terminal, from carrying out tank transfers, tank filling, and recirculation processes, from the safety and comfort of the Control Room, whilst providing full visualization of the operation.

Monitor Systems provided the PLC control system that would control the plant, along with the SCADA software package and IPC’s that would be the operator’s main portal for operation. The SCADA system was designed and programmed so that all processes were automated as far as practically possible so as to avoid the possibility of operator error leading to unsafe conditions. The intuitive user-friendly SCADA package provides the operator with a simple and easy-to-use system that ensures the smooth operation of the site on a daily basis.

Also provided was a custom-built Motor Control Centre to drive the entire site's motor and pumps sets using the latest Siemens VFD drives, each with SIL2 shutdown capabilities. The drives allowed for fine speed control of transfer processes to ensure compliance with industry regulations regarding chemical transfers.

All tank farm instrumentation including radar tank level, level switches, flow-switches, temperature sensors, instruments, and flowmeters were specified and installed throughout the site, all adding to the client's requirement for a safe site.

Other items included in the monitor systems scope of supply were the provision of static earth monitor units to allow for safe static-free transfers to be carried out, plant and wastewater control panels approved weight-measurement scales, and a weight-measurement approved mixing tank weighing system.

Installation of the system required detailed planning and a close working relationship between multiple contractors.